Nulla dia sans linea is Latin for “never a day without a line,” which has been my personal motto for many years. I first encountered it in J school in the book The Writer In the Newsroom by the Poynter Institute. There it meant that the best writer is one who works on the craft every day. As I got older though I saw additional value in the other half of the equation, which Stephen King explained in his book On Writing: If you want to be a good writer, read. A lot. Every day if possible.

So I started this blog as a way to track the next several hundred books I intend to read. I assembled a list based on books I have in my home presently that I intend to read; recommendations from friends; and interesting titles I’ve seen mentioned in “best of” lists from various places, like The New York Times and The Guardian. Generally the flow with the books I’m going to read will go back and forth between fiction title to non-fiction title. Also, after the book Vietnam, my selection of books is going to be completely randomized. Amazon assigns a number to the books in your wish list, and I’m plugging that value in to Wizards of the Coast’s handy online die roller to determine what comes next. As it so happens, after Vietnam I’ll be reading Iain Banks’ Consider Phlebas.

Feel free to comment on what you see here and recommend things I might like. Also, after I finish works of fiction I’m usually more than happy to give the book away, so if you’re interested just shoot me a message with your address and it’s yours.


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